Jewish Subotica

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Discover Subotica's Jewish Heritage - rich in history and tradition

Self guided tour




Synagogue square – Zmaj Jovina Street – Đure Đakovića Street – Zmaj Jovina Street – Dimitrija Tucovića Street (Jewish cemetary)


This walk will take about 2 hours. Add half an hour if you plan to visit the Synagogue.

Tour Details

Leg 1 - Synagogue square (Trg sinagoge)

The story of the settlement of Jews in Subotica


Leg 2 - The Synagogue

The story of the synagogue


Leg 3 - Dömötör palace (at present: City museum)

The story of the Jews intellectuals, industrialists and the rise of the city


Leg 4 - Jewish hospital (at present: a school)

The story about life in the Jewish community before the WW II


Leg 5 - Corner of the Đ. Đaković and B. Vujića Streets

The story of the Jewish ghetto and the Holocaust


Leg 6 - The Jewish community building

The story of Jewish life in Subotica today


Leg 7Jewih Cemetary