Bike Rentals

''Su bike'' is a bicycle rental system with automatic stations in the City of Subotica. 5 automatic stations are available, 4 in Subotica and 1 at Palić Lake (8 km far) Locations: Station 1. behind the Open University, 2. Dudova šuma Park, next to Sports Hall. 3. at Prozivka Park, next to Indoor Pool at Sports Centar ‘’Prozivka’’ 4. Next to ‘’Buvljak’’ Shopping center, and 5. at the Palić lake, Parking lot next to ‘’Mala gostiona’’ restaurant. Registration is done at the second floor of the company ‘’Parking service’’ Subotica. Address: Đure Đakovića 23. You will get User card, which is RFID card, which allows you to use all of the stations, renting and returning the bike at either location. Five minutes of registration process requires holder’s valid ID card or passport, as well as minimum of 16 years of age, and it costs 500RSD which represents one time cost. Rental fee is: 100 RSD per day or 20 RSD per hour. You can rent a user card in Shop next to the Station at the Palić lake parking lot. Valid document and 100 RSD of renting user card cost is required. Hourly rate is also 20RSD. Some of the Hotels have their User cards available for the guests. Registration: Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm, Saturdays from 9am to 1 pm. Renting: Monday to Sunday from 7am to 8 pm . Returning of the bikes: at any time. To find out more visit or look for us on Facebook: E-mail: Telephone: +381 24 694 200 +381 65 969 4215