Parking places in Subotica are divided into four zones. Parking time is not limited. Payment can be made through two methods – parking tickets and text messages (sms). The tickets for all zones can be bought at the "Štampa" kiosks. Mark the time of the parking on the ticket and display the ticket on the inside of the windshield of your car where it can easily be seen. Daily parking ticket is also awailable at the "Štampa" kiosks. A driver can also pay for the parking by a cell/mobile phone using any of Sebian mobile networks. In the text of your message type in your car plate number without spacing and send. To pay for a parking In the red zone, messages should be send to 9241 In the yellow zone, messages should be send to 9242 In the green zone, messages should be send to 9243 In the blue zone, messages should be send to 9244 For a whole day, messages should be sent to 9245 A few seconds afterwards, you will receive a text message (sms) which confirms thart you have made the payment. To find out more about parking and towed away car service, visit