Main Square

Unlike many European towns, in Subotica the City Hall dominates the city centre instead of a church or a cathedral. The City Hall is a master peace of Hungarian version of Art Nouveau built in 1912. It is flanked by a park with a fountain and a vast square where many concerts and bazaars are organized throughout the year. It is surrounded by the building of People's Theatre that is undergoing a major reconstruction. Originally it was a classic style building characterized by six Corinthian columns. On the Eastern side of the square there is a neo-baroque building of The Public Library. The two Atlases carrying one of the nicest balconies in the city make this building charming. The Emperor Jovan Nenad Monument in the middle of the square represents a controversial historical figure. He styled himself emperor and pronounced Subotica his capital in 1527, but all lasted for a very short period of time. Not far from the monument there are two fountains. The Green Fountain (1985) and the Blue Fountain (2001) are the pearls of the city centre. Both were made of Zsolnay tiles, likewise all decorative ceramics and roof tiles of the city’s Art Nouveau buildings.

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